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No Training on the 10th, 12th, 17th & 19th of August

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Aswell as training hard you need to fuel and look after your body, check out our Nutrition page for some ideas.

Important: Please ensure your child goes to the toilet before attending any training session, as we have no or limited facilities at our outside venues. Can you please make sure if your child has a Bicester AC hoodie it has their name in it or some way of identifying it.

Summer Training

Track and Field training  takes place on the sports field within The Bicester School opposite the Bicester Leisure Centre. There is a grass track along with an all weather jumps and specialist throws area.

Summer training runs from the start of April and will run through to September (depending on when the last competition is).

Please Note: All Primary School aged athletes (school years 3 to 6) must be collected from the field by a parent or guardian, no Primary School aged athletes will be allowed to leave on their own or with a sibling.

We train on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. Each evening is split into two session:

Session 1 – 17:50 to 18:50 is for U9s to U13 year 1 (school years 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Session 1 – 18:55 to 20:05 is for U13 year 2 and up (school years 7 and up)

Training attendance is via Teamer invite acceptance.

If you are unsure which age group you are in you can check Here

The cost for each training session is £2.00 per session to BAC members, if you have more than one child attending a session it is £2.00 for the first child and £1.00 each for all your other children.

Please remember to train with Bicester AC you must be a paid up member (with the exeption of new starters in their 4 session trial period)

Please note: As the track is on grass if it has been raining all day, or is raining at 5pm then there is a chance the training session may be cancelled due to health & safety issues. Please see our Training cancellation document to see how we will notify members.

Please bring a non fizzy drink and warm clothes to each session and if it’s sunny please apply sun cream.



Winter training

Training takes place during the winter from September through to March.

Sundays   –    Winter All Round Conditioning / Fitness and Cross Country Training (year 3 and above)

Tuesdays   –    Circuit training (year 8 and above)

Wednesdays    –   Indoor Sportshall Training (year 3 to year 10)

Indoor Sports Hall training

For the 2021/2022 season Sportshall training starts on TBC.

Sportshall training takes place at the Bicester Leisure Centre on a Wednesday. Due to the high demand this is only available to paid up members and is split into two sessions by age group to allow the maximum number of people to benefit from the fun and fitness training:

First Session 6.30 pm – 7.25 pm – Primary School age – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.  Registration will be at 6.15pm and all athletes attending this session must be collected after the training from the sportshall exit (near the squash courts) in the Bicester Leisure Centre.

Second Session 7.30 pm – 8.25 pm – Secondary School age athletes – Years 7, 8, 9 & 10.   Registration will be at 7.15pm and we request that these athletes are also collected from the Reception Area as we do not want them waiting outside after the training session during the winter.

A small facilities usage fee of £2.00 is charged at each session to cover venue rental.

Circuit training

For the 2021/22 winter season Circuit Training starts on TBC.

BAC circuit training is open to all club members in school year 8 and above. We do accommodate year 7’s if space is available, please contact Steve here for further information.

We aim to improve the core strength of the youngsters by using standard circuit exercises (press ups, sit ups etc) along with plyometric work such as bounding. We don’t use weights at all and rely on individual body weight to build strength and power which can be of benefit across all parts of athletics and other sports. We start off at a level where new youngsters learn about the exercises and build up the workload as we progress through to next summer. Each session is started by an intense warm up and then finished with a stretching for recovery session.

Circuit training takes place in the gym at The Bicester School on a Tuesday with registration at 6.15pm. Please note that we have to lock the school gate while we are training, the gates are lock at 6:30 prompt and no entry will be possible after this time. The session will finish between 7:30 & 7:45. £1 per session. The gym is behind the admin block through the gates on the left hand side but I will be outside on the first week to direct new athletes and answer any questions etc. Year 7s must contact Steve before coming along.

For more information regarding Circuit Training please contact Steve Flynn contact

Winter All Round Conditioning / Fitness and Cross Country Training

These sessions will benefit everybody and our aim is to help the athletes with their all round fitness and conditioning over the Winter months.

Please Note: There will not be any training if we have a race that day. Please check fixtures.

For the 2021/22 season training begins on TBC.

Training Venue will be confirmed week by week.

Training takes place at Graven Hill on a Sunday starting at 9:50am. There is a training fee of £1.00 per session. Athletes must be collected from the field at the end of each session.

Graven Hill Map.pdf

By coming to these sessions there is no obligation to take part in any races.

Parents welcome, we love having you there to help us with the athletes and if you want to get fit with your children we encourage that too.

Please bring a drink and wear appropriate clothing to all sessions as we train regardless of the weather conditions, yes that means rain, sleet, hail and snow!

Members are encouraged to do extra fitness work away from the club, a good source for extra running is Parkrun. If you are doing extra training please speak to one of the coaches to ensure you are not doing too much.

Please Note: Please do not just turn up at a training session, please contact our membership secretary Tracy here before attending your first session.

If you have any queries concerning training please speak to one of the coaches after the training session.

Important: Please ensure your child goes to the toilet before attending any training session, as we have no or limited facilities at our outside venues. Can you please make sure if your child has a Bicester AC hoodie it has their name in it or some way of identifying it.