In the British Masters 48th Track & Field Individual Championships at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, on Saturday & Sunday 25th and 26th August 2018, David Kuester of Bicester AC won SILVER in the Weight (Heavy Hammer) and BRONZE in the Hammer in the M70 age group.  These were the only 2 events entered, due to being just over 9 weeks since a total right knee replacement operation.  Even though recovery has been exceptional and with the advice and support from the consultant surgeon and physios, it was important to be cautious, especially as the weather was cold and very wet!  So in both events only “standing” throws were in order (ie: no turns!).  The results are very pleasing indeed! Individual event results were as follows:  Hammer (4kg)             =       27.14m                (3rd  Weight (7.26kg)          =       10.90m               (2nd) Written By D Kuester]]>