At the 40th  British Open Masters Winter Throws Championships at the Horspath Stadium in Oxford on Saturday & Sunday, 2nd & 3rd March 2024, David Kuester of Bicester AC had a reasonable competition in his final 75+ age group competition despite a long recovering right shoulder injury.  The weather was cold and very foggy at first but sunshine in the afternoon on Sunday!

Now looking forward to May for the first M80+ age group competition, where the hammer and shot will be 3kg, Javelin 400g and the heavy hammer 5.5kg.

Individual event results were as follows:

         Hammer 4kg                     =      26.59m     (2nd)

         Shot Putt 4kg                    =        7.00m     (3rd)         

         Discus 1kg                        =      15.12m     (5th )         

         Heavy Hammer 7.26kg     =      10.43m     (2nd)

         Javelin 500g                      =      10.45m     (3rd) (Left Handed!!)