Given the current significant reduction in available competition, Bicester AC recently organised an internal competition open to club members and those who had trained with the club during the Summer.  It was based on the quad competition consisting of a sprint, a middle-distance running event, the long jump and the vortex.  The competition was split between traditional age groups with older athletes (under 13 and over) contesting the 100 (instead of 75m) and the 800m (600m for under 11s).

Competition was quite intense in some of the age categories.  Several of the athletes were competing in their first ever athletic competition.  The under 13 girl’s age category was the most keenly contested with 17 athletes taking part.  When the final points were totted up only 11 points separated the top 9 athletes.  The competition revolved around the results of one or two events.  In essence the format of this competition favours the all rounder.  Just two points covered the first three places with debutant Angelica Bird the overall winner with 146 points.  Bird produced the best long jump of the day (3.74m) but key to her success were decent performances across the range of events.  Bird finished one point ahead of Yasmine Sheppard, who performed well over three of the disciplines but was a little below par in the long jump.  Tabitha Bosley was a further point behind with the fastest time over 800m (3mins 1sec) and the furthest vortex throw (19.40m).  But as with Sheppard, the long jump cost Bosley the chance of taking gold. 

Further down the field, 5th placed Georgia Bower was the fastest sprinter and placed second in the long jump.  Newcomer Alyssa Johnson had the best combined points score in the running and jumping events but her vortex throw dropped her down to 8th place overall in the final standings

Kyle McLeod, who is in his first season with the club. produced a superb performance to win the under 13 boy’s competition with 204 points.  McLeod was 19 points clear of his nearest rival and produced the quickest 800 metres (2mins 51secs) as well heading the long jump standings with the only leap over 4 metres (4.11m).  He also produced second best efforts in the sprint and the vortex.  Lincoln Jones, who has been training with the club during the summer, took runner up spot which included the fastest sprint of the day.  Another runner in his first season, Luke Whitmore who is as the junior end of the age group, was third just 4 points adrift of Jones.  Nor far behind these was another first season runner Reuben Baker who was 7 points behind Whitmore in 4th but produced the longest vortex throw of the day (34.1 metres).

The best points total of the day was achieved by Sam Rayson who is no stranger to combined competitions.  He produced across the range best performances in all four events in the under 17 men’s competition which included the longest jump and vortex throw on the day of any athlete across the age groups and an accumulation of 256 points, the highest of any athlete.  Another athlete in his first season. Adam Alrifai. was second and equipped himself well pushing Rayson close in the vortex and 800 metres with newcomer Sean Wetton taking the bronze.

The under 20 mens’s competition went to George Weston who produced the second highest points score of any athlete with 239 points.  Weston produced the fastest sprint (10.7secs) and 800 metres (2mins 43secs) of any age group as well as being the only other jumper (apart from Rayson) to go over 5 metres.  His effort of 5.30m was further than he has ever jumped in competition.  However, a lower points accumulation in the vortex throw suppressed his final points overall points score.  Joe Rayson gave him a good competition which included the best vortex throw in the under 20 age group (36.6m) but he fell 15 points short of Weston.  Newcomer Ryan Jones was third which included a good vortex throw (32.9m).

There was a good competition in the under 15 boy’s event.  Kyle Rayson eventually took the honours with first places in the sprint (11.9secs), 800m (2mins 49secs) and long jump (4.58m) accumulating 208 points.  However, a superb vortex throw from Django La Porte (36.6m) and good performances in the other events left him just 5 points short of Rayson’s overall score.  Robson Matthews ducked under 3 minutes for 800m (2.59m) and produced a good leap in the long jump (4.35m) for overall 3rd.

In the younger age groups Thomas Andrade produced a very good effort in his first ever track and field competition to win the under 11 boy’s event.  Andrade was the quickest runner over 75m (11.9secs) as well as jumping furthest in the long jump (3.18m) which helped him to a final points total of 274, 13 points ahead of his nearest rival.  Runner up spot went to Finlay Haynes who produced a monster throw of 34.0m in the vortex, which was one of the longest throws of any age group.  Tom Court was 18 points further back in 3rd overall spot but produced the fastest time in the 600m (2mins 10secs),

The under 11 girl’s competition attracted a starting line up of 12 athletes and as with the under 13 girl’s equivalent produced one of the closest competitions of the day.  In fact, fine margins determined the final result with only one point separating the top three finishers.  Alexa Brady and Lara Chisholm both ended up on 233 points, but Brady’s greater number of individual firsts got her the verdict.  Brady’s first places included the 75m (12.2secs), long jump (3.25m) and vortex (12.5m) with the other first places going to overall third placer Mia Considine (75m in 12.secs and 600m 2m 15s).

Bethany Wetton took the under 15 girl’s title with a 17point winning margin over her nearest rival.  Her 144 points included a first place in the 800m (3m 19s).  Second placed Ella Rayner produced the best long jump of the day (3.66m) as well as the longest vortex throw (20.8m).  She finished just in front of newcomer Isla McNaught who was in her first ever competition.  All of the under 9’s were in their first competition and the three boy competitors were separated by just 7 points.  There was never much between them in any of the disciplines, but Emerson McAndrew Uren just came out on top with 221 points with Shay Gallagher 6 points adrift and Jack Murphy a further point behind.  The under 9 girls competition saw Isla Considine a clear winner with 177 points which included first places in all four events with Sylvie McNaught 2nd and Bronwen Kernot 3rd.


Written by N Dolden.