David Kuester of Bicester AC and Oxford City AC Veterans competed at the 2015 Midland (British) Masters Throwers Group (MMTG) “Throwerama” Competition, (held under WTC LSW rules), at the Moorways Stadium in Derby on Saturday 21st March 2015. In cool overcast conditions David won 5 Gold Medals and 1 Silver in the 70+ age group.  Pending verification 3 event results are new UK Records and the Speerorama and Tri-athlon distances are ranked the 4th best in the world!

All events are standing throws only, ie: no rotation or run up but follow-up recovery is permitted!

Individual event results were as follows:

Discurama: (Discus throws)     26.91m  (0.75g),  26.51m (1.0kg) PB,   25.24m (1.25kg),  Total 78.66m (1st place)

Speerorama: (Javelin-type Weighted Shot throws)  24.34m (1.0kg) PB,  21.02m (1.5 kg),  17.95m (2.0 kg) PB, Total 63.31m (1st place) New UK Record and 4th World Ranking

Schockorama: (Discus-type Weighted Shot throws)   19.72m (2.0kg), 17.51m (2.5kg), 15.60m (3.0kg) PB, Total 52.83m (1st place)

Shotorama: (Shot Putt throws)  9.69m (3kg) PB,  8.48m (4kg), 8.07m (5kg),  7.92m (6kg) PB,  7.22m (7.26kg) PB, Total 41.93m PB (2nd place)

Bi-athlon (Schockorama/Shotorama combined): Total 94.76m (1st place) PB New UK Record

Tri-athlon (Schockorama/Shotorama/Speerorama combined):  Total 58.07m (1st place) PB New UK Record (4th World Ranking)


Congratulations to David on these excellent results