Flying Coach Jenny Harris (NCM Youth Development (Endurance)) visited Bicester Athletic Club on Thursday 8th August to run an endurance coaching session for the benefit of the Bicester AC coaches and other coaches from Oxfordshire athletic clubs. The session was organised by Bicester AC via Tania Spurling at England Athletics to enhance coaches knowledge and coaching skills in the endurance discipline.

Jenny took the coaches through a typical endurance training session using 13 children from Bicester AC for her demonstrations, this included a warm up using RAMP (Raise (heart rate/temperature), Activate (muscle groups), Mobilise (dynamic movement), Potentiate (sepcific to event)), followed by some 200 metre repeats focusing on consistency and running style (remember those arms!), and finally a couple of relay sprints and a warm down.

It was a worthwhile training session and enjoyed by both coaches and athletes who benefitted from Jenny’s expertise.

The below pictures show the athletes during the warm up exercises