Want to do something rewarding? Have fun? Enable children to stay active?  The 1st to the 7th of June is national volunteer’s week. At Bicester AC everyone is a volunteer. To continue and to build on the current and past successes at Bicester AC we need more helpers in all areas of the club. Volunteering at Bicester AC doesn’t have to be a massive commitment and there are a variety of ways you can get involved. Yes, we need lots of help at training but you don’t have to commit to every session, for example you could help every other session. If you can’t help during the session perhaps you could spare 15 – 20 mins at the start or finish to help setup or put equipment away. Many hands make light work! If helping coaches isn’t your thing we always need help maintaining equipment and the facilities. This can also be done during a training session with tasks such as sweeping, cutting grass, pruning the hedges, fixing broken equipment, etc. Coaching is rewarding, especially if you use to take part in specific athletic events and could share your knowledge with the coaches and athletes. Recently we had a parent come along who use to do steeple chase and did a one-off session on steeple chase for some of our athletes. If you are unable to help at training then maybe a behind the scenes role could be for you. There are many different behind the scenes roles that parents can do, and don’t have to take up a lot of your time and could be done jointly. For a list of the roles at Bicester AC and a brief description see our website (http://www.bicesterac.co.uk/bac-club-information/volunteers/bicester-ac-job-descriptions/). Also on this page is a list of roles that are currently vacant or will be vacant at the next AGM which need to be filled. If you can fill one of these roles or want more information about any of the roles please do not hesitate to speak to one of us or contact the secretary. Maybe you have a skill that you could use to help us. Maybe you’re good at fund raising, event organization or maybe there is a role you could do at the club that we don’t already have that would help us improve.  We would be pleased to hear from you. If there is any way you can help us, either with a longer-term commitment or one-off session, or any other way any offers of help will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your continued support of Bicester AC!]]>