We expect some of you have already started your Christmas shopping and over the next few weeks all of you will be getting busy with it. With this in mind we want to let you know of a fundraising scheme we have registered the club to and it couldn’t be more easier to do and earn funds for your club all year round.


Every time you shop on line, the retailer (Amazon, John Lewis, Boots, eBay, etc, etc) gives money to the club.
If you buy online but go through easy fundraising then the retailer donates a percentage to the club.
There is no catch, you just need to register your name against the club’s page.

So, here is a guide on what to do:
1. Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/bicesterac/ or download the App (easy fundraising). I have the App and it is easy to use.
2. Find our cause, Bicester Athletic Club.
3. Register by supplying your email.
4. Next time you shop go via the Easy Fundraising app or website and find the retailers you want to shop with.
5. The club will then get any fundraising money paid to them.

It would be fantastic if we can get lots of you signed up and using it and please share with family and friends.

Thank you for your support of Bicester AC.